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Why waiting for God won’t make you lose weight.

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Gary Halbert wrote this in his infamous book The Boron Letters:

“And the lesson is when you get stuck or emotionally jammed up one of the ways to get yourself unclogged and flowing again is just to keep moving. Run. Walk. Jog. Write.”

Now look, about 10 years ago I lost 120lbs. Yeh, I know…that’s a lot of weight.

The average weight of a 15 year old girl if you really want to know.

But for the few decades before that I was considered morbidly obese.

Yeh…like…so fat I could die.

And although I really wanted to change, I couldn’t figure out how.

I watched all the weight loss TV shows, I read all the Women’s World transformation stories.

I figured if I just watched one more, I would get totally inspired and motivated to get off the couch and go do something.

BUT….You can’t wait for a “flash from heaven” as Gary wrote.

I see so many people who want so badly to lose weight, but all they do is watch and wait.

They lurk in Green Juice Facebook groups. They read Weight Watchers Magazine. They presume that one day, while reading someone else’s success story, they will suddenly and magically get all the motivation they need to go lose that extra 30 pounds.

Wrong. Incorrect. Fail.

The fact is, if you want to lose weight, inches or body fat, you must join boot camp BEFORE you feel ready.

The truth is, you will feel unprepared for this new hobby, but you will get more comfortable with it ONCE YOU START.

Now, if you want a bit of a short cut, I will provide one.

But don’t take this shortcut if you are simply going to postulate and procrastinate.

Your shortcut, if you are ready to implement, is this:

In here, you will find everything you need to get unjammed and get your motivation flowing again…

Let me know what you think…

Misty “join even if you don’t want to” Mozejko

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