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Wine drinkers workout.

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I really love small spaces.

I like my 900 square foot condo.

I like my pop up trailer when we camp and I enjoy my 1989 Chris Craft boat…I just enjoy the organization and simplicity that comes with living in small spaces.

Making a lot happen in tiny spaces is the closest I get to having a hobby.

Because everyone needs something that make them smile.

Oh and I know that there are millions of fitness studio owners in the region who drone on about how working out is their happy place, how the gym feels like home and they feel best when they are hitting the racks…

,,,..good for them.

To me, working out is necessary and relaxing the lake with a glass of wine is my happy place…lol

I think that we all NEED to workout…you may not WANT too…but you still need too.

And so, for the majority of us that would rather sip vintage red wines over lifting dumbbells….I have figured out a way to get better workouts than most gym rats ever do in just 30 minutes.
For those people who understand that the gym is NOT where they would choose to relax but…

….also understand that they simply must do it in order to feel good and get to their goals AND…

…want a super motivating place to go as many times as they like every week…

your tribe awaits you at 10,000 Strong Nutrition and Fitness Revolution.

We specialize in making 30 minute workouts the most motivating and empowering 30 minutes of your day and we leave you enough time to focus on what really makes you happy.

It’s ok if you don’t love working out…it only takes 30 minutes with us 🙂

Join us for 2 weeks and come try as many classes as you like:

No more 2 hour gym marathons AND you’ll get better results!!

Cheers to that
Misty RHN
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