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Work Life Balance is B.S

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I’m calling it.

Having a work life balance these days is a myth.

And yet, we keep chasing it.

We keep beating ourselves up because we haven’t achieved “balance” yet.

Well stop.

There isn’t any balance.

That’s what makes us so incredibly awesome.

Even without balance we STILL make it work.

When your job is “anxiety attack” stressful, when kids sports are incessant, when spouses or boyfriends need time and energy and we are dealing with staff, clients and Quickbooks….the last goddam thing we need is to worry about finding bloody balance.

Instead, forget about balance.

When work needs you, work.

When your family needs you, go to them.

And when you need to workout, go workout.

It’s like the rolling waves on the ocean.

You cannot tame them, you can simply ride them.

There are going to times where you have to focus on many things at once, but please, don’t forget about YOU.

And sometimes your kids are going to be sick, your parents need assistance or your help is needed with family events.

And so all you can do is put your focus where it’s needed and scrape out just 30 minutes of that crazy day to workout, or food prep, or make a juice.

Don’t stress about balancing your work, fitness and family.

It’ll all come out in the wash.

If you are struggling to find a way to keep fitness a prioriy in your busy life, just let me know.

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Talk soon

Misty “I balance my imbalances” Mozejko

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