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I've just announced the winners of our latest nutrition and fitness challenge…each of them wins a photo shoot at my country home with Durham Regions most sought after photography company Sweet Duchess.

It’s quite amazing what these men and women have accomplished.

Shannon lost 9.5 inches off her body in just 21 days.

Natalie shed another 13.3 pounds and Shanai lost almost 4% body fat.

Lianne decided to ramp up her workouts and attend 27 bootcamps in 21 days…

It’s amazing what you can get done when you are inspired.

And I think that’s what weight loss and staying consistently healthy is all about isn’t it? Being inspired.

I mean, we all know it’s NOT about will power and determination. We all know it’s NOT about driving yourself into the ground with horrendous 2 hour workouts.

If you can be inspired then you can move mountains. 

And that’s exactly what happened during the Hour Glass Fast challenge. Normal people, just like you and me, got up off their ass and did amazing things.

Trust me, these people who won aren’t bodybuilders, ultra-marathon runners or fitness models..


They are just regular Joe’s who got inspired.

You can do the same you know. You too can become inspired and achieve changes and goals with your body you just never thought possible.

Just like Natalie, Shannon, Lianne and Shanai, if you would just jump in with 2 feet and let 10,000 Strong wash over you…

You too could lose 13 pounds in 3 weeks or maybe ditch 9 inches from your waist, hips and chest.

You just need to let us take control – we got you.

It all starts with out 2 week test drive. 14 days of complete inspiration, unlimited 30 minute boot camp classes and maximum motivation to really focus on YOU during 2017.

If you wait any longer, you’ll spend another year wallowing in self-disgust so lets not do that….kay?

Join us for $29 today:

talk soon

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

PS: Trish, another HGF challenger JUST wrote in and told me this;

It's amazing what can be accomplished when you set your mind to something … and have the right tools to do it! 

Joining 10,000 Strong was exactly what I needed – a challenge every class, a supportive community and a chance to relearn proper portions and food choices! 😊

Looking forward to a day of prepping this weekend. Thanks again!” 

I’m not bullshittin’ ya folks. We do what we say we do 🙂

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Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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