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Yassss Queen…this is happening!!

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OK so look, the first ever time I stepped into a gym I was LEGIT petrified.

I had actually won a few personal training sessions at what used to be NRG Fitness in Oshawa.

BUT, being obese, out of shape and very,very self conscious, it took me EVERYTHING in my power to get me into the front door of that gym.

And now, NRG Fitness was a family run gym, it was clean,friendly and really great..I actually ended up teaching a Strength and Tone class for 2 years there once I was qualified…

…so it’s not that the gym was terrifying. It was all in my head.

I was the one who thought everyone was staring at me. I was the one who felt I was 100% uncoordinated and I was the one who put WAY TOO MUCH pressure on myself to “look the part”.

As I said, I was lucky enough to have a great trainer [Tara Minacs] who gently pushed me into the fitness world.

And so, with this in mind, 10,000 Strong is launching our very own Ambassador Program.

Our Ambassadors are members of our studio who are motivating, kind, helpful and well loved. Our Ambassadors all have their own stories of personal triumph to share and our Ambassadors have been loyal, longstanding members of our fitness community.

And, these Ambassadors are there to help make your transition into the fitness world a little easier.

Just like Tara did for me, you can also have someone to help you get started.

Our Ambassadors will be your moral support when everyone else thinks your crazy. Our Ambassadors will be your cheerleader when you are feeling overwhelmed and our Ambassadors will introduce you too everyone here so you are not left standing around like billy-no-friends.

Yep, Gina, Katherine, Gagan and Lianne are going to be your bridge into this world.

So, no need to feel intimidated any more….

Grab your 2 week test drive and we shall have an Ambassador ready and waiting to escort you to your new fitness family.

Talk tomorrow

Misty RHN
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