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“You are really expensive” ><< She said

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Yeh…I know.

We are certainly not cheap thats for sure.

I don’t believe important things should be cheap.

Sure, I don’t mind grabbing stuff from the dollar store…cards, wrapping paper, party supplies…you know…disposable stuff.

But when it comes to the important things in my life, things that actually keep me healthy and organized….well, this is a different matter.

My running shoes are very expensive, my training is very expensive, my lap top is very expensive.

I don’t want “cheap” when it comes to the stuff that is super important.

WHY? Because each of these things provides me massive value.

I see the value in quality training and top of the line running shoes.

My laptop is my life, you bet it’s top of the line.

These things MUST work properly for me because if any of them fail, I am screwed.

And, call me crazy, but shouldn’t you be getting the absolute BEST quality for your workouts and nutrition.

This answer is yes, incase you didn’t know.

I know so many people who are literally plodding along at the gym, getting nowhere fast and becoming increasingly more defeated.

Sure they pay $50 a month for it…but after 2 years thats $2700 bucks….with nothing to show for it.

You will be pay LESS for 12 months at boot camp and become a whole new person.

It’s seems like a no brainer to me.

Anyway…the woman who called me expensive….She signed up and paid everything up front ><<<< smart cookie she is. So, what she really means is yes, we are more expensive than the gym, but the value and results make it worth it. So, have a think about the things that matter most to you and make sure you spend money on them…spend it wisely and do not cheap out. This may apply to your marriage, your kids, your image and how you feel about yourself. There is a reason I get my nails done every 2 weeks, because spending money on polishing my look makes me feel good about myself. And thats worth it! Talk soon folks Misty “nails did, hair did, lashes did” Mozejko PS: If you want to invest in a quick 12 day pure health blitz, come in for our Clean Slate Detox >>>

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