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Selina Gomez has some catchy little tunes eh?

I think I have liked everything she has put out recently and her songs always get my head bobbing.

Yes, indeed, this chick, in all her cute-but-not-so-innocent-ways has been getting her lyrics stuck in all our heads this year…

One of her most recent songs has the lyric “No war in anger was ever won” and in fact the entire song is about how to NOT react with venom when you feel provoked.

How, instead of retaliating when you are hurt and down…just take a minute and then “kill ‘em with kindness”.

Instead of waging war, step back and take a new route. A route filled with empathy, kindness and a route that lets you rise above.

And this notion got me thinking. You see, when we are feeling fat, gross and out of control we often tend to say really awful things to ourselves. 

We call ourselves names. We focus on our failures and rehash our laziness and lack of self control.

Then, in a fit of anger, we put ourselves on some restrictive diet or insane workout program. We punish ourselves thinking that we will finally relent and become the person we envision.

BUT: No war in anger was ever won.

And so instead of punishing yourself with a tirade of gruelling workouts on a calorie depleted diet…

why not…Kill em with kindness?

Why not be SOOOOOO nice to your body that it finally does what you want?


Why not fill it with nutrition, why not let it sweat every day, why not be so kind and compassionate to it’s needs, that your body changes.

Changes into the thing you always wanted.

Don’t view your body as a failure that needs punishing, just treat it like someone who needs lots of love, lots of nutrition and lots of good exercise to feel better.

You can get a massive head start on the new “compassionate” you with our 12 day detox. This done for you plan includes a full 12 day meal plan which progressively eliminates toxins from your body AND our signature workout classes at the studio.

No matter your fitness level or your nutritional know-how…we got you covered.

More information and the button to register is here:


Let’s kill all those self-image issues with kindness shall we?

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