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What if we just started with something small?

What if we took one thing, one jumping off point, and started there.

Whether you are an active member at WFBBC or not one at all…

…This one little thing could turn everything around.

The one thing I want you to try is this:

>>>Workout before doing anything else that day<<< Studies prove that if you do this you will benefit from: [+] Increased metabolism [+] Less distraction during your workouts [+] Less chance something will come along and make you miss your workout [+] The endorphins boost your mood and energy for the day [+] Pride of knowing you workout is done, or that you can do 2 workouts today. Our 5:30am and 6am classes are super popular, but if you do not feel you are ready for boot camp, then why not start with a walk? Yoga? Treadmill? Anything that will create the habit of getting up 30 minutes early to move your body. Once you have mastered this, your workout life will change tremendously. Your outlook on life will change. Your success in all areas, including career, will change. What starts off as just a 30 minute walk, may transform your success beyond all belief… Can you do it? Misty “30 mins a day keeps the failure demons away” Mozejko PS: FYI…it actually takes 66 days to create a habit – if you start now, you will have seen success by mid march

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