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You dirty little sponge you.

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Yesterday I talked about the sweet, sexy and bubblegum flavoured pop queen Selina Gomez…but today we take a darker turn.

If you remember Amy Winehouse, you’ll know she came into the limelight with some catchy but rather sombre tunes.

Her song Rehab is one such tune.

And with a life of addiction behind her, her untimely death in 2011 seemed to be a result of alcohol and drugs.

While she was a critically acclaimed musical success, she battled her inner demons daily.

And so, in a tribute to Amy Winehouse and her eclectic offering to the world of music, I dedicate our Clean Slate Detox to her.


Because, if I am being truly honest, I view this detox as kind of a “nutrition rehab”.

During the 12 days, we remove any and all toxins, stimulants and addictions. We bring you right back to ground zero using my own version on an elimination diet.

We then flood the body with massive amounts of nutrients via a juicing protocol and clean food program.

At the same time, we force your body to rid itself of toxins via sweat and muscle contraction with unlimited workouts.

You are like a dirty sponge, and we are going to wring all the bad stuff out of your body and make you clean again.

Look, Fall is the perfect time to sort yourself out, and the detox is cheap and cheerful.

So join us won’t you…you only have a couple of days left until we close registration:

See you soon Sponge-bob

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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