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Do you know how many people come across my desk with complete and utter skepticism?

They sit in front of me with that guarded look in their eye.

They punch questions at me about memberships and pricing.

They question our trainers qualifications, my business background and my ability to stay in business.

They don’t believe 30 minutes will work and they are baffled by the nutritionist…It’s the first time they have been offered one.

All in all, I have to deal with a massive amount of skepticism.


Because ultimately our program offer’s so much that people wonder if it’s all legit.

And look, with so many sketchy gyms and studios out there, I don’t blame people. Many people have been burned before.

Even me…I was a Premiere Fitness victim.

But you guys get it.

You guys are in the program and using all of it’s features.

You get results and are not afraid to show it.

YOU are the reason I created Dollar Daze.

As the owner, no-one believes me when I rant on about how awesome we are. I mean, i’m slightly biased right?

But when you guys show your results and share your reviews and testimonials, it’s way more convincing.

And so I created Dollar Daze: a chance to show off your hard work, brag about your fave studio and trainers and then in return, i’ll give away a year of boot camp.

Thats a $2000 prize.

Pretty sweet huh!

The more people that sign up for a dollar, the more entries into the draw you get.

Simple pimple.

Just have the fill out the registration form on my desk, or email me their deets and I can set up a quick orientation.

Ways to do this:

Instagram, Twitter and of course Facebook.

Emails work well also if you have a bunch of work friends or fit friends who may want to try it.

You can bring in family members…husbands, sisters and children over 16 all work too.

Lot’s of ways…you guys probably have better ideas than me 🙂

Let’s get some more people healthy and happy shall we?

Talk soon

Misty “one dollar mission” Mozejko

PS: We have some really competitive people who really want that $2000 prize….Janella, Katherine, Jeunesse, Jen are all killing it right now – well done ladies.

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