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You should go on this new diet…

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It’s 100% carb, gluten, fat, calorie, lactose and peanut free.

It’s low carb, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian.

You count calories, points, carbs, macros and syns.

It includes carb cycling, intermittent fasting, cheat days and on the third Friday of every month ending in W, you can eat an entire pack of deep fried Mars Bars because it fits your macros.

You love this new diet and you will lose so much!

You’ll lose your common sense, your self worth, your control.

You’ll lose your dignity and pride.

You’ll definitely lose money.

But best of all, You’ll lose your mind.

^^ Ok, so that little snippet was taken from a old Facebook post. It was my cynical approach to the “fad diet craze”.

It drives me absolutely bonkers to watch people waste money on “the next big thing”.

But more than that…it actually breaks my heart to watch the dismay on peoples faces when these fad programs fail them.

The feeling of failure, the pain of feeling like you will never lose weight ever, the feeling of being useless at dieting and working out.

The fad diets do 2 things, and 2 things alone:

They cost you tonnes of money


They pick away at yourself esteem, your self worth and your self confidence.

And that is the worst thing of all.

We have to stop becoming so desperate for weight loss that we resort to these “last kick at the can” diets.

Deep down you know it won’t work forever. But the need to feel better is so strong, you’ll try just about anything.

And here is where I remind you once more, that my boot camp is going to make you feel better after your very first class.

You will know, after 30 minutes with our trainers and nutritionists that this is the RIGHT way to get your results.

What’s more, there is no deprivation, no reduction.

You’ll feel in control. You will never question this path.

You will never fail if you do it this way.

And, with an army of support behind you, you won’t have to do it alone either.

Why not try it out for 2 weeks? Just to see. No obligation I promise.

If you don’t feel amazing after 2 weeks with us, then you can try the next thing on for size…

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