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Your $10,000 upgrade

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If you have been on this email list for any length of time…you have heard lots about our workouts and our results.

It’s a given that when you invest in the type of workouts and nutrition we do, you will achieve your goals.

BUT…we have a new, massive upgrade that all our members are now enjoying 🙂

It was a $10000 addition to the studio…and many hours of work BUT….

Our new floors are absolutely the best $10000 I have ever spent.

The workouts are better….how?

Better grip, more space and more spring.

The top of the line rubber floors provide intense grip so your movements are fluid, faster and switching directions is a snap.

The new wall provides a place to get organized, store your stuff and have a breather if you need it 🙂

The hardwood entrance ties is all together so when you walk into YOUR studio you are greeted with an awesome environment.

A place that is taken care of, a place that has pride and a space you WANT to be in.

My focus has always been providing the best fat burning programs in the GTA. It always will be.

But anything I can do to make you workouts more effective, to make your experience more enjoyable, to ensure you feel “at home” in our space….well, thats also a really big priority.

So, now that I am done bragging….why not come and check the latest upgrades at the studio.

Hit reply if you are curious 😉

Misty “all about the upgrades” Mozejko

PS: Our 2 week test drives are only $29 for unlimited boot camp and nutrition 🙂 Try something new this spring.

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