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Your $500 Christmas Blitz Savings

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Todays email is not motivational. Actually, due to the sheer amount of questions being sent in about the January 12 Week Blitz that opens Dec 25th, I am ONLY going explain this program in its entirety today.

You will save your self around $500 bucks if you managed to grab one of the limited memberships tomorrow so here, let me tell you what is included:


  • A fail safe fat loss and strength program that will not only do away with your Christmas sinning, but help you lose more weight and become stronger than any program you have ever tried.
  • A worry free Christmas. Knowing that you have a 12 week Blitz tucked away in your back pocket means you and shamelessly enjoy the season knowing you are going to kick ass in 2017
  • Full access to over 45 30 minute HIIT training sessions per week. Come as many times as you like, lets face it, you’ll have way more time to really focus on yourself and getting to class
  • One on one consultations with the GTA’s most notorious Nutritionist so you can know exactly which vitamins your body is lacking, which minerals your body has run out of and exactly which supplements you can take to magically speed up your results
  • Your very own personal weight loss coach who will diligently work to ensure you have the right meal plans, the right calorie count and the right food plan to get your nutrition under control
  • Access to the GTA’s (the worlds?) best trainers. While other studios rely upon fancy equipment and fancy high tech gadgets, our trainers rely upon their their years of experience in fat loss training, their unwavering passion for fitness and their addictive and motivating workouts.
  • Automatic inclusion into our in-studio nutrition and fat loss 4 week challenge: The Hour Glass Fast. This 4 week intermittent fasting program will triple your inch loss, flatten your stomach and banish sugar cravings for good.
  • Exclusive short term admittance to the GTA’s most exclusive fitness studio. We typically ONLY work with 12 month memberships but for this one time offer, we have created this Blitz Package to ensure your 2017 rock off to a great start.
  • A new fitness family and support system that will welcome you into the fold with open arms. This community is THE most cohesive group of like minded men and women and each and every one of them understand how overwhelming it can be to start a fitness program…which is why every single person here will fight for your success.


OK…the pricing will be revealed tomorrow. It’s not gonna be super cheap guys, but it will be worth every penny 🙂

Now, if you are NOT on that pre-notification list, you should get on that now as it’s the only way to grab one of these one time only 3 month memberships.

Click here and pop your email in:

Ok, i’ve said everything I can say. Tomorrow is they day, the cart opens at midnight 🙂 Expect emails from me. 

Lots of emails.

It’ll be a Very Misty Christmas Folks.


Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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