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Your Fake Boob Diet.

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I had to turn down a really big offer today from a highly respected individual in the marketing world.

It might have been a huge mistake to decline his offer. I could’ve expanded my name, my reach and made bags of cash. This offer could have been my golden ticket.

Except, the offer I got (which I am keeping private for now) really didn’t fall in line with my soul. It didn’t align with my heart. It kinda felt like if I took the offer, I would be going against my own morals.

And the last thing the fitness industry needs is another sell out.

In the 10 years I have been in the personal training and nutrition world I have seen fads come and go, I have seen sell out after sell out and I have watched gung ho personal trainers open up shop, only to close a year later because their heart wasn’t really in it.

Fad diets remind me of fake boobs. They look truly amazing on the outside, but really, they are full of saline solution promises that dissolve your self-worth and motivation.

You have to really want to help people. Like truly, madly, deeply want to help people to really be a success in this industry.

I am so sick an tired of fake promises and shortcuts that so many of my counter parts offer. I am so sick of this entire industry selling you, what I like to call “finite fitness”. A program that promises you the body of your dreams in 4 weeks or less (*** results not typical, must drink only pre-approved packaged shakes, must workout 3 hours a day blah blah blah….)

Do people not realize that health and a “dream body” is an evolutionary process. Do they not realize that obtaining that flat stomach or toned arms doesn’t just happen like clock work?

I mean c’mon….some months we are going to rock our bikini’s and some months we are going to eat pie. There is no yellow brick road to the dream body.

Dream bodies happen over the course of months, maybe years. They happen with every lunge and every push up. They happen with every “no thanks, no cheesecake for me” and every time you drink water over wine.

And some months it’s going to rock and some months it’s going to crash and burn. But you keep going, keep pushing and keep trying.

That’s why our training and nutrition program is developed for you over the course of months and years. It’s not based on 10 class passes or drop in rates. It’s not a month by month affair.

Our only goal is to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be. And so our personalized programs start at 6 months and up.

Yep…it’s a commitment. And yep, you might be scared of that. But what else is going to work?

It all starts with our 2 week mini membership. A trial period if you will. During this 2 weeks, you are going to really see if this is something you can commit too.

You’re gonna find your 2 weeks crammed with awesome bonuses and amazing new weight loss concepts…but I won’t write it all here…

Just go here instead and check it out:

Your dream bod is dying to get started 🙂

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