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Your Fitness Buddy Is A Lost Soul

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Sometimes, the reason people want to be around you is because you are the only one in their life that has their shit together.

If you are successful, if you are driven, if you workout consistently and exude an air of quiet confidence… are literally a walking magnet for all those people who are struggling in life.

You are a magnet for people who are broke, you are a magnet for people who are lazy and you are a magnet for the lost souls who just wish they had an ounce of your charisma and determination.

And, before you let it rip, I KNOW how egocentric this email sounds, but I also know it’s true.

Just look at some of the friendships that have blown up in your face..I can bet they were with people who needed you more than you needed them.

Check your text messages, I can bet my bottom dollar that you have couple of people in there who incessantly text asking for help, advice or direction.

Check your workout buddies, I bet some of them totally faded away because they needed you to provide the motivation instead of being self- starters themselves.

And I am not saying there is anything WRONG with these people, after all, variety is the spice of life and truly, every person has a strength…but you must at least recognize this pattern.

The last thing you want to do is to set up a buddy workout system with people who NEED you.

You should be working out with people that have the same drive, the same passion and the same desire for health and wellness.

You need to partner up with those who can hold their own, who will workout with or without you. You need to make sure the playing field is level and that your partner is not simply a cinder block and chain, dragging you to the bottom of a very watery grave.

Your workout buddy system should be inspiring and you should never feel like you have to pull your workout buddies along for the ride. You deserve to have a motivating, welcoming environment where every one of your fit friends is pushing you to keep going.

Your trainers keep you on track with amazingly challenging and never boring workouts. Your class mates will be the ones that keep you reaching for that next push up, squat or burpee. You should feel like boot camp is your fitness home…not something to be avoided and feared.

Now, not only do we have this environment waiting for you at Whitby Boot Camp, but we also have a really simple way to get involved in this community.

See, most gyms and boot camps want you to commit to a long term plan before you have even tried it out. They want your John Hancock on a contract without you trying out the class schedule, experiencing the studio or even talking to some of the inspirational trainers.

What??? How are you supposed to know if you want to stick around if you haven’t even got your feet wet?

This is why we offer everyone a 2 week test drive at our facility. We want you to FEEL the motivation and inspiration for yourself. We want you to get to know our trainers, our nutritionist and our members before you sign on the dotted line.

We are not a gym which means we only have the MOST committed members ever and I want YOU to see that dedication for yourself.

There is more information about the 2 week test drive below, but before we part ways, I want you to know something very important:

You are worth this investment of time and money. You are worth this gift to yourself and you are worth every second of sweat equity you put into yourself.

You can read more about the 2 week test drive here:

If you sign up for a 2 week test-drive, Andrew will reach out asap and help you get started.

Hope to see you soon

Misty “because you’re worth it” Mozejko

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