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Your happiness doesn’t fit this marketing stratgey

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I mean how can it?

If a fitness company chooses to use muscle bound women, dripping with sweat and sporting booty shorts and a mandatory whey protein powder endorsement…how does that make YOU happy.

If a fitness company chooses to show you how their workouts leave people incapacitated on the floor with limbs that don't move because the lactic acid build up immobilized their muscles to a point that they can only lay face down in a pool of sweat….how does that make YOU happy?

If a fitness company chooses to use images of body building men winning national competitions and flexing their washboard abs in every lens they pass…tell me: How does this you YOU happy.

Do you connect with any of the above marketing strategies? Do these things inspire YOU?

Personally I think creating your own success is WAY more inspiring than watching someone else's. I mean, it's nice to see them do so well. It's nice to watch them get better. BUT, if you are not enjoying the journey too…well, it's not quite as impactful.

The way to become super inspired with fitness and health is to actually do something that produces results. Do something that you can instantly feel the benefits from. Do something that produces a feeling, a physical output or an emotional connection.

The fastest way to become inspired is when you can FEEL something.

And if you want to make INSTANT connection to you new healthy plan…do something that makes you smile. That makes you feel happy. 

Can you imagine actually feeling joy when you workout? Can you imagine the results you would get if your body and mind ENJOYED working out.

Well, that's where 10,000 Strong excels. Not only will you FEEL the results and become inspired by your own body….but you will laugh with new friends. You will smile with pride. You may even giggle inwardly at yourself as you try a new fitness move and fall on your butt.

But you see, it's these feelings that you NEED to experience in order to remain motivated. And, when you are motivated, that's when your goals and dreams become a reality.

So no more watching other people and wishing  it was you.

It's time to get off your butt.

In our 2 week test drive you will feel the difference our boot camp makes, you will feel the instant changes and you will feel GOOD and HAPPY with your body.

Our unlimited boot camp classes will make you feel alive and inspired. Our nutrition challenges will give you more fat burning tools than ever before.

Trust me on this one ok. 

You gotta feel it to believe it.

You can grab your 2 week test drive here:

What do you have to lose?

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