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Your Michael Kors Purse Ain’t Foolin Me!

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I wanna rap a little bit about priorities. And, be warned, I am going to be quite blunt.

You see, I’m everywhere. I see a lot. Social media is a fantastic tool. And while I don’t have time to stalk you, you occasionally wind up on my news feed.

And it’s funny, because last time we spoke you told me that boot camp “too expensive”, or “not in the budget right now”.

And then, all of a sudden up pop’s a picture of you on vacation, or showing off your new purse.

I see you out for drinks with friends and dinners with family.

It all comes out on Facebook.

And while I get that there are many things we all WANT in life, there are only very few that we need.

What we want, and what we need are very different indeed and sadly, they don’t always match up.

What you *need* in life is good health, good family and a good career.

What you *want* are a bigger house, a better car and some nice clothes.

Trust me, I know how it feels. These shiny, beautiful things make us feel better….for a moment.

And then, when the shine has worn off, we look for something else. Something new to fill the void.

We purposely avoid spending money on fitness and health because well….it’s just not that pretty and it’s hard freaking work.

So when you come to boot camp in your Nine West boots, your Michael Kors purse and your Calvin Klein coat and tell me that boot camp is “just too expensive” I know this is NOT about money.

This is about priorities.

So, this Christmas, I want you to reexamine your priorities.

Start with food and drink V health and weight loss.

Move on to time on the couch V time working out.

And then, after you have maxed out your credits cards on presents, booze, parties and clothes and the inevitable guilt of how much you spent and ate comes trickling in…

I want you to reevaluate your priorities on money V health and happiness.

And remember as nice as it is to sit amongst all your shiny new things….there is no point having any of it if you still feel unhappy, weak, out of control and miserable in your own skin.

I know that I’m being harsh on you, but my goal is to wake you up and beg you to start paying more attention to your body and your health.

Before long you are going to be too old to do anything about it and you will have wished you would have worked out more, eaten better and drank more water when you had the chance.

If I can help change the future you, you bet I’ll do everything in my power to achieve it.

Until next time

Misty “prioritize da exercise” Mozejko

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