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Your Preservative Coma Wake Up Call.

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“My tastebuds seem to be heightened since the we started the detox! Anybody else find this? Those berries were unreal this morning!!” <<<< A question from member Veronica.

To which I responded:

“This is natural and great!! Your taste buds are relearning how to enjoy food that is not covered in salt and sugar. They just got used to eating highly sweetened and salted foods and then decided that was normal.

You are re-teaching them to enjoy foods in their natural state.”


So, as a member here all of our nutrition programs are 100% included in your membership and it just so happens that we are slap bang in the middle of a 12 day detox.

And, I know that a detox sounds scary and like something you would NEVER do…but here at 10,000 Strong, everyone is walked through our craving busting, fat melting and metabolism driven programs step by step.

Anyway…as Veronica is noticing, when you actually start eating healthily, removing the over salted and sweetened foods from your diet, your tastebuds change.

They start to recognize real flavours. They start tasting the natural sweetness. They start to reject salty foods as they just don’t taste good anymore.


When people try to change their diets on their own and they start eating healthily, there is a period of time where the clean ad healthy foods taste bland and gross. They are boring and lifeless in comparison to the sweeteners, fats, colouring and salts the manufacturers add to foods.

And, this is when people give up. They don’t want to live on rabbit food. They want to go back to the sugar and salt because that’s what they know and love.

And boom. There goes your best intentions.

BUT, if you can get through that learning curve, you will be rewarded. Your tastebuds will be reawakened from the preservative coma they have been in.

And doing it with 100 other people all on the same mission, all friendly faces that you see at your workouts, all moaning, whining and bitching together about the changes…

…well, that makes it super super simple.

Ok…maybe not super simple. But it makes you not hate life as much 🙂

You need to clean up your diet.

You need to workout multiple times a week…this is not news.

But I promise you that doing it with us, with our team of weight loss coaches, elite personal trainers and nutritionists will make the journey short, fun and effective.

Our Thanksgiving Sale ends tonight and we have a couple more of these discounted memberships to sell today.

So, if you want to get on the wagon for the next 6 months….go here and snap up the deal:

No extensions on this guys and only 2 more spots left.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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