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Your stretchy pants just don’t stretch anymore.

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My mate Vicky from the UK sent me this article this morning about this 93 year old award winning athlete. This guy could bench a bus and basically preaches the fact that body building reverses ageing.

And, with a body that could rival that of any 20 year old Jersey Shore bro…I’m gonna have to agree.

But look, this International Decathlete, this World Masters Rowing Gold Medalist, this Swiss National Fitness champion only started working out at 85 and he says the only reason he started was pure vanity.

He looked at his body and thought “this is a mess”.

And so, at an age where most are slowly succumbing to dementia, this guy started his workout program…and crushed it.

So look, most of you on my email list are my age …maybe somewhere between 30 ish to 40 ish. Like me you’ve had a kid or 2, maybe you are also a single parent and perhaps you’re 20-30 pounds away from your goal weight…

…none of us are 85. Not one of us has one foot in the grave and, i’m pretty sure we’d be happy with a simply ditching sugar and working out more let alone trying to win internationally acclaimed fitness awards.

So what gives?

This 93 year old British dentist is literally proving, with his own body, that lifting weights reverses aging…

He’s showing us that a clean diet will not only make you live longer, but also cut fat and show off a six pack.

He’s walking proof that what we do at boot camp will 100%, absolutely and positively make your body younger, leaner and more energetic.

And yet YOU still haven’t joined.

Honestly, it’s like a cure for death and so many people actively stick their head in the sand and ignore the facts.


Tonia, a new member, just hit 40, and she had an epiphany. She called in and told me she didn’t want to feel old and crappy any more and so she was joining boot camp. And just like Eugene, our 93 year fitness fanatic, she started working out and will never look back.

It’s your turn.

You cannot ignore the fact that just one flight of stairs leaves you panting. You need to address the candy and pop situation and sure as SHIT you gotta deal with the fact that even your stretchy pants have lost all elasticity…

So jump in and don’t look back. Our 2 week trial will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to live a better, healthier, energy-filled and, lets be honest, SEXIER, lifestyle. You can start reversing the strain on those leggings AND the 3pm cravings in as little as 14 days. 

Grab one today:

No more heaving to put your shoes on…ok?

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