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"It just doesn't feel right"

^ that's what my friends husband told her the night he asked for a divorce.

He told her that he didn't love her anymore and that he was basically staying for the sex…

And, to him, "that didn't feel right"….

After the news had sunken in, she thought it must have been something she said. Or did. Or maybe her mid-life body repulsed him. Or maybe she wasn't good enough or talked too much. 

Her life was shattered. Her heart smashed into a million pieces. Her confidence swayed and her self-worth destroyed.

She desperately tried to gather up the tiny shards of her emotions but every time she had a handful….a new revolution of pain would send them cascading to the floor. She would never be whole again.

And she missed him. With everything in her body. She ached for his touch and she weeped convulsively as she tried to cling to memories of their embrace.

She was empty. Desolate. Inconsolable. 

She wanted, no needed, a distraction. She couldn't take the gnawing pain, she couldn't lay awake any longer at night with her head spinning out of control.

She needed something to suppress her anxiety and keep her attention away from the building anger and resentment.

And so she started working out. 

2 hours a day, plus cardio. She got up early to run, worked out on her lunch and after work. She dedicated her life to it. 

The burning in her lungs felt better than that sting in her heart. He sore muscles helped her refocus her pain. And the results, the results made her feel good.

She transformed herself. She morphed from a frumpy old woman who wore pink kitten sweaters, into a jacked, ripped and shredded spandex clad machine.

No-one could take her down. No-one would dare. She knew when she looked at herself in the mirror she was a changed woman and that her complete immersion into her workouts and meal prep had not only made her physically strong, it had made her mentally strong.

The pathetically weak woman that her husband snubbed had been replaced by a much more powerful being…

…and now she could make him pay.


A little Sunday fiction for you..ok, it's mostly fiction. It's kinda pulled from different people I know (including myself) and merged it all into one person.

A person who needed to refocus on her inner power. A woman who felt so desecrated by loss that she turned inwards to regenerate.

 And, just like a Phoenix from the ashes, she emerged more vibrant than before.

And this is how I view you, dear reader.

I know at least one of you right now is going through a divorce, a tragic loss or enduring massive emotional pain.

I know that you long to get away from the constant battery of an inner demon who is hell bent on breaking you down.

So why not refocus all that energy and pain and turn it into fuel? Repurpose all that negativity into a positive outcome?

Plunge everything you have left into transforming your physical strength until one day, it matches your mental strength?

Wouldn't that make this time of turmoil worth something?? Make this tragic time more than something you frantically try to forget?? 

Yes it would. It would be the silver lining. It would be your Fight Song.

I'd like to offer you our unconditional support and so your transformation can start with a 2 week test drive here at 10,000 Strong. A supportive and welcoming environment that will fix your body, your diet and of course, your heart too. 2 weeks to regain your strength and control and 2 weeks to put some fire back into your soul. Yes, of course we a workout studio….but our workouts come complete with a therapy couch built in,

Start today;

You'll never regret trying.

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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