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Old skool workout gets mad-love

I’ve been back training for a few weeks now and well, I decided to go right back to my roots with the training I offered.

See, 10 years ago I solely taught outdoor boot camps. I taught at Peel Park and Lakeview Park and well…I was the best outdoor boot camp trainer in Durham Region.

People loved them. The fresh air, the heart-pounding cardio and of course..time flies when you are having fun!

But see, sometimes you just need to go back to some basics and pull out some old skool training tricks to keep those muscles changing, growing and burning dat fat!

This was a “Recovery Tree Sit” after some hill sprints.

Right now, I’m teaching a handful of these classes each week and well, people are loving the change of pace…check out what they said after this morning’s class:

Great class! – it was hard but I know it’s what I need – Meg

Wicked class! – Kim

Great class this morning Misty!!! – Jackie

It was nice to be outside! – Sara

Kick ass class this morning!!! Love the outdoor classes!! – Jen

Awesome class. Thank you. A great way to start the week.- Robyn

..and the compliments continue 🙂

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Can’t wait to see you soon.

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