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Quick weight loss meals for the whole family.

Quick weight loss meals for the whole family.

It’s too hard to get lasting weight loss when the rest of the family isn’t on board. It’s actually damn near impossible.

There’s no way you will ever stick to a diet and make yourself your nasty diet meal and then cook another set of meals for the rest of the household – a meal that is usually A LOT more tempting and delicious that whatever your trainer is making you eat.

Plain grilled Tilapia and Broccoli versus creamy pasta, sausage, and pepper is not exactly a choice you want to make after 10 hours of commuting, working and kids sports…

Creamy pasta will win every time!

BUT…sadly, there are so many diet plans out there that are simply geared to single people wanting to lose weight.

And…I know for a fact, that my company is geared towards married women who usually have kids, therefore, your bog-standard meal plans are not going to work.

I would never make a plan whereby you’d have to cook multiples meals per family member just to ensure you lost weight and got healthy and they didn’t!

First of that’s WAY too much work added to your already overloaded schedule and secondly why would we NOT want to make the rest of the family healthy too?

Surely it would make this whole transition easier would be good for the kids and spouses too.

Yep…all our meal plans are family friendly….and by family friendly…I mean delicious and easy to prepare.

The meal plans are interesting, properly spiced and easy to reheat for leftovers or freeze for later dates.

They work on so many levels and will keep everyone happy…

And, most importantly, they will help you lose weight and keep it off: forever.

The Hour Glass Fast is probably our most family-flexible program that promises the biggest weight loss results for you.

The kids and spouses don’t have to do the weight loss fasting either, they can just eat normal foods while your focus on fat burning for the 2 days of intermittent fasting.

Sarah just started the plan a week ago and her teenage son is now totally on board too…check it out:

Hey Misty, 

Just thought I’d tell you your 21-day meal plan is the bomb! I’m down 5 pounds (today was day 9) and my teenage son decided to join me. The whole family is actually loving the recipes – banana pancakes? Yum!

I have tried and failed miserably with Trim Healthy Mama and I can’t believe how quickly I’m seeing results. Stress + being over 40 has made it impossible for me to even maintain the weight I was at. I can’t wait to see how much weight I lose after 21 days!



So yeh…the plan is truly a miracle program everyone has been searching for and with it being just so dam easy to lose weight and cook for the whole family I know it will be the turning point for you too.

You can grab this meal plan below and come and try out our unlimited HIIT training classes at the studio in Whitby too. The combination of our 30 minute training sessions AND the intermittent fasting program will have you dropping pounds just as fast as Sarah:

If a teenage boy approves…I know you will too.

Talk tomorrow

Misty RHN

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