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Struggle-Free weight loss for Whitby Women

Struggle-Free weight loss for Whitby Women

Her stomach stuck out like she was 5 months pregnant. He hips wobbled when she walked and her thighs rubbed together so much that she wore holes in her pants every few months. She needed to lose weight…and fast.

She was getting slower too. Her body couldn’t keep up with her friends anymore and as the kids bounced up the stairs to bed, she huffed and puffed her way to the top, embarrassed by how much she was sweating.

The truth is, she had let herself go recently and Easter was the final straw. The sheer overload of jelly beans and chocolate her her feeling so bloated and her body so lethargic than she knew she needed a change.

Something swift and decisive. Something easy to follow but that provided results.

Something that would change her life around within the first 7 days and give her the motivation to keep going.


^^ Come on, we’ve all felt like this at some point right? And, I can bet, that after Summer you are feeling kinda gross.

The weather, the sugar overload and well the pressure to lose a few pounds before Fall is probably weighing heavy on your mind (and hips) and so it’s time you did something about it.

And no. Not just any old meal plan from Google.

No. It’s time for a real commitment. Time to follow a menu plan to the T and workout like you give a shit about yourself.

Time to ramp it up a notch and start feeling instantly proud of yourself.

Time for you to try our Hour Glass Fast 21 day fat loss program.

The results speak for themselves with people losing about a pound per day on this plan.

And yes, losing 7 pounds in your first week is very motivating but you know what else?

It proves that with the right guidance, the right food plan and the proper workouts…losing weight for Spring can be easy and struggle-free for you too.

You can say goodbye to feeling like an overweight turtle who crawls through life wishing he was a hare…

You can be the hare. Lean. Limber and with boundless energy for life, workouts and cooking healthy dinners.

It’s not too late to ditch that Easter bloat for spring, so grab your 3-week Hour Glass Fast program here:

Be the hare…not the turtle.

Misty RHN

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